Monday, August 11, 2008

Why This Blog?

The United States is in a state serious of decline. I believe that the root cause of decline is the spiritual failure and selfish individualism of the American male.

In his book, Our Dance Has Turned to Death, Carl Wilson says this about the American male:

“Instead of leading their families in the worship of God and caring about their wives and children as people, [men] have neglected these responsibilities in pursuit of wealth and worldly status. Men have worshiped mammon instead of God”1

The natural foundation of any society or nation is the family, with a life-long monogamous marriage relationship between one man and one woman. It is the traditional family that provides a nation with social order, stability and happiness. When this view is abandoned the society will collapse and die.

My mission here is simple:
To call men away from idolatrous pursuit of wealth and back to the worship of God and the priority of building the kingdom of God through the home, which is the foundation of the church and society
Real men care about their marriage relationships. A real man understands his biblical role as the husband and how it relates to the biblical role of his wife. He learns how to communicate and enlist the help of his wife in the everyday things of life.

Real men care about the families and children. They willingly take on their biblical role as the spiritual and moral leader in their families. They not only teach their children principles based upon the Word of God but also model those principles before them.

Real men are concerned for their nation. In a nutshell, this is called patriotism. Any real man takes an active role in helping guide the direction of his nation. This can be anything from h praying for our leaders to active grass roots involvement or running for office.

I believe God has called me to speak with a prophetic voice and minister to the men of this generation. To help them to first understand and then fulfill the role as God sees a man. This blog will serve as the vehicle of delivery of this voice and ministry.

1Carl W. Wilson, Our Dance Has Turned to Death, (Tyndale House, 1979), p.230.

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